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Abano Terme has been known since antiquity as the city that "takes away the pain" but for us, Venetian, born and grew up in these hills, it is much more. Our city lives using his own blood, beneficial bromine - iodine water that flows 80 degrees, and his flesh, a particularly dense mud. Those two elements combined together are highly curative.

A long history has left us in artistic and naturalistic itineraries of rare beauty. The generosity of this land has allowed us to build a long tradition of care and hospitality.
It was our father who decided to build the Hotel Orvieto right here, a few hundred meters from the center of Abano Terme, in a beautiful park.

Under the surface we have found the natural treasures of this earth, the thermal water. We of the Carraro family continue each day with passion the tradition of hospitality, trying to transmit the values of an old and wise philosophy of life.

Today, our hotel is one of the most sophisticated facilities in the thermal spa and rehabilitation services. We always strive to provide our guests with maximum competence, serenity and well-being..

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