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Places to visit!


PADUA - 7.5 miles: the city “of the Saint without name, of the field without grass and of the bar without door”. Drink a typical spritz in the city centre after discovering its architectonical treasure.

VENICE - 35 miles: one of the most wonderful cities in the world. Walk up and down it bridges and across its „calli“. By catching the ferry, you can also reach the small lively islands in the lagoon.

ESTE - 18 miles: after visiting the archeological museum and tha castle, have an “aperitivo” downtown in the small square.

EUGANEAN HILLS – pedestrian and bike path: have a wonderful ride and discover the nature of the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills.
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ARQUA' PETRARCA - 11 miles: the lovely village of the poet Petrarca, where you could try a delicacy of the place “il brodo di giuggiole”.

MONSELICE - 10 miles: go up the street of the 7 churches and enjoy the view from the fortress.

CITTADELLA - 24 miles: wonderful walled city wih lovely shops and with a charming atmosphere. Very interesting is the tour of the walls.

MONTAGNANA - 24 miles: another beautiful walled city. A verz famous eventu is the Medieval Palio, which is celebrated every year around the walls.

BASSANO DEL GRAPPA - 34 miles: you cannot miss the “grappa” or the “Mezzo e Mezzo” on the bridge “Ponte degli Alpini”. The pedestrian area in the old city centre is very nice.

VICENZA - 21 miles: Palladioßs architectural jewel.

CASTELFRANCO VENETO 31 miles: inside the walls of the castel, which were the boundary of the old city, there is a nice pedestrian area with a lot of lovely shops.

VERONA - 52 miles: this city boasts a lot of wonderful places, which are worth seeing. Some examples? Juliet’s balcony and the Arena!

FERRARA - 42 miles: the city of the Estense family offers a lot of attractions. the cstle, manz churches, historical buildings and a nice pedestrian area.

TREVISO - 43 miles: canals and mills are the main figures of its city centre, where you can always have a relaxing stroll.