Fangotherapy: things to know
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Fangotherapy: things to know

Application of the muds requires substantially adequate cardiocirculatory and renal function. If this is not the case, partial applications can be used to limit the impact on the body. Fangotherapy is contraindicated for patients with cardiac disorders such as ischemic cardiopathy, severe cerebral and peripheral vasculopathy and nephropathies with kidney failure. Other contraindications are: tuberculosis, acute phases of inflammatory diseases, epilepsy, hyperthyroidism and malignant tumors. Moreover, the thermal muds must not be applied on varicose veins of the lower limbs, particularly if aggravated by complications such as phlebitis and ulcers, nor in pregnancy and during the first few days of the menstrual cycle. There are no contraindications for application of the muds in cases of metal articular prostheses, nor for screwed osteosynthesis plates.

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Thermal Mud

The thermal water plays an important role in the ripening process of the mud and of his therapeutic properties

The thermal mud of Abano and Montegrotto is a mixture of clay, thermal water and microorganisms. Every thermal hotel has special tanks where the ripening process of the mud takes place. During 2-3 months the mud is kept in constant contact with a steady flow of thermal water at a temperature of 60°C. The temperature and chemical components in the thermal waters affect the development of particular strains of microbes, modifying the chemical-physical properties and imparting the therapeutic properties, especially the anti-inflammatory ones without side effects.

The hot spring thermal water, classified as "hyperthermal sodiobromidiodic", springs forth at the Euganean Spas at a temperature of 87°C. The long course that the water takes (about 80 km) and the strong pressure it is subject to enrich it with mineral salts and geothermal energy. This water is the basis of all modern therapeutic and beauty treatments performed in the many Euganean spas: from balneotherapy to mud therapy, from hydro-kinetic therapy to inhalation therapy, as well as the extremely wide range of beauty and relaxation treatments. All establishments in the Euganean Spa Basin have obtained the "I° Super" qualification from the Italian Ministry of Health indicating their respect for the natural resources of the basin and strict discipline in the use of the water in order to preserve this natural gift.

The Euganean Spas are not centralized, but rather comfortable health and wellness centres in prestigious hotels which are the expression of a culture of hospitality and welcoming. Each establishment has indoor and outdoor thermal water pools and has a department dedicated to wellness and treatments where every guest is followed with the utmost care.