Craniosacral system - Reflexogenic Connective Tissue Massage
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Craniosacral system - Reflexogenic Connective Tissue Massage

The craniosacral system : is the place where body, mind and spirit join on commone ground. The system is characterised by a rhythmical activity that lasts for the whole of one’s life. In the presence of illnesses this rhythm changes, and craniosacral therapy intervenes to set it right. This treatment encourages the natural processes of self-healing and helps solve problems of migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, asthma, depression, stress and generalised pains.


Reflexogenic Connective Tissue Massage: the “mother” of this massage, devised in 1929, is the German physiotherapist Elisabeth Dicke, and our therapist trained in this technique. With this massage, recommended for every day, the therapist, with a tensile stroke, tries to strip away the build-up on the tissue, thus making it more elastic, with increased blood circulation, and hence healthier. Besides this direct effect, there is also an indirect benefit becase the massage has a reflex action on the visceral innervation and the musculoskeletal apparatus. Hence, reflexogenic connective tissue massage is particularly recommended for persons suffering from asthma and gastroenteritis, or urinary, genital or osteoarticular discomfort.


Holistic manual therapy : this therapy is fouded on the principles of Still’s osteopathy. Gentle osteopathic manual techniques are applied to help recover both articular and muscular balance. This therapy helps wellness and strengthens the body’s power of healing.