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Spa benefits

The traditional medicine has widely recognized the therapeutic value of the treatments with thermal muds and waters with regard to health and psycho-physical rebalancing.
Here the list of the main pathologies that can be treated with thermal mud and water of the Hotel Terme Orvieto:

Osteoarthrosis and other degerative processes:

• Widespread arthrosis
• Cervicoarthrosis
• Lomboarthrosis
• Arthrosis of the limbs
• Discopathy without herniation and without symptoms of nerve irritation or compression
• Post slipped-disk surgery
• Trachelodynia of rheumatic origin
• Scapulohumeral periarthritis
(not including acute forms)
• Quiescent rheumatoid arthritis
• Arthroses, poliarthroses, osteoarthroses
(with widespread or localized osteoporosis)
• Articular rheumatism
• Periarthritis
• Ankylopoietic spondylitis
• Spondyloarthrosis and spondyolisthesis


• Quiescent acute inflammatory rheumatism
• Fibrosis of rheumatic origin
• Tendonitis of rheumatics origin
• Lumbar pain of rheumatic origin
• Fibrositis and fibromyositis

• Chronic bronchitis
• Vasomotory rhinopathy (chronic rhinitis)
• Chronic pharyngolaryngitis
(pharyngitis and laryngitis)
• Sinusitis
• Chronic sinusistic-bronchial syndromes
• Chronic otitis