Thermal mud and baththerapy
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Thermal mud and baththerapy

The mud therapy involves five phases

• medical examination for the admission to the treatments

• mud application

• ozonized thermal water bath

• sweat reaction

• therapeutic massage


The four basic steps:


• examination and admission to the treatments
• mud therapy directly on the skin at the temperature of 38/40°C and left in place for 20 minutes
• ozonized thermal water bath at the temperature of 35/37° C for approximately 10 minutes
• therapeutic massage

After drying off with warm towels the patient stay in relax for about 30 minutes during which the sweating reaction continues the biological effects of the fangotherapy.
Then there is the massage to reactive circulation or to improve muscular/and motorial rehabilitation.

The mud application is assigned to expert fangotherapists that follow the indications of the Medical Director regarding typology and length of the treatment.


The applications, within the average of twelve for each therapeutic cycle, must be done on the morning on an empty stomach. In case of pregnancy or particular pathologies it is recommended to get a medical consultation before the treatment.