Thermal spring water & thermal mud
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Thermal spring water & thermal mud

Does a place which can be defined as the “well-being oasis” exist?

For us , it surely does, and we like thinking it is a very relaxing and exclusive place. That is why we have created a special area in the hearth of our SPA where land, thermal water and old tradition combine together to give you joy and pleasure. Everything starts from land and thermal water. And exactly the amazing properties of water make unique and incomparable the beneficial effects of our treatments. A friendly water which will help you to have beauty and well-being.

- Thermal muds and waters : treasures of nature and experience

Medical science acknowledges the importance of the thermal treatments in Abano Terme . Not only it is used in the healing process, but above all, it helps in the prevention and slowdown of many different pathologies such us arthritis, osteoporosis, pathologies of the joints or resulting from traumas, muscular contractures and cervical and lumbar back pain.
A physiotherapist and massage therapists are available for postural and/or post-traumatic rehabilitation. Working together with the thermal treatments, they will help to remove body stiffness and to relax body contractures. The results improve muscular mobility and posture balance.
The waters of Abano Terme basin fall into the category of deep underground waters, unique because of their extremely high temperatures (c.a 87°C) and the abundance of the dissolved substances.
From the chemical point, these waters are classified as hyperthermal sodiobromidiodic waters and as having a fixed residue of 5-6 grams of dissolved salts per liter of water at 180°C.
The extraordinary therapeutic value of the waters and muds found at Abano Terme derive from the strict regulations governing thermal extraction, preventing the indiscriminate use and depletion of the resources.

This spa is a member of the monitoring  network that checks the ripening process and quality of thermal muds.
• University of Padua (OTP - Permanent Thermal Observatory)
• Pietro D’Abano Thermal Research Centre